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We welcome you to MR Cricket Prediction. It is an honor for us to serve people with the best results.

We act as a one-stop destination when you want to get an idea about the production related to the present cricket match. All the predictions are made by professional cricket writers, and after that, only the analysis will be given.

We also share the best cricket betting tips so that you can easily move ahead and extract the best out of it. With us, you will get 100% proven match prediction related to your favourite matches like T20 Blast, IPL, Big Bash IPL, World Cup and some more.


For all the cricket matches played around the globe, you will be able to get the predictions. We update them on our portal as soon as possible so that there will be nothing that can be missed from your eyes. Also, our professionals focus on every aspect so that in case there is an odd, they can rectify it as soon as possible.

We always come up with those predictions which are beneficial for folks. In case there is any disagreement, we predict about it as well.

We will also review and provide our Dream11 Team predictions.

What the analyses have?

We analyze each and every aspect related to the game and represent all the thoughts on the line of both teams. We are not only doing it on the basis of the current situation, but we also have a look at historical performances. This helps us to understand the player more and come up with better results for all our individuals. Our predictions are quite focused that you can easily figure out who will be going to win the game.

Whenever we make the prediction, we do it with accuracy so that you can get the results as per your expectation.

There will be a lot more available to explore along with predictions which help you to choose the winner more effortlessly.

How are we helping people?

Some people are curious to know how we are helping them, and for it, we represent the analysis that has all the details about a particular match. There will be no need for an individual to make predictions without knowing any facts. All the facts are presented crystal clearly so that you can easily analyze who will win today’s game. Not even a single problem will be there for an individual after having the predictions. If you want to get today’s cricket match prediction, stay tuned with us and get your results. You will not be going to decorate your decision after choosing us because we present things straightforwardly so that there will be no trouble at all.